The Unique Model


We are a brand new type of agency and talent discovery network for up and coming models with a presence that spans across the globe. Since its creation in 2016, we have been ahead in our industry and the driving force behind elevating our clients notoriety on an international level via significant career triumphs.

Although new in the discovery of new talent, our staff have organised various model searches over the last decade. Previous contests have attracted thousands of participants from all over the globe, ensuring the network's legacy of unearthing and nurturing potential supermodels.

We take pride in providing long term career strategies and connecting models with leading global luxury fashion brands. We embrace innovative types of management that elevate our models beyond the traditional career, allowing both company and talent to becoming game changers in the ever-evolving marketplace.

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Mathew Walsh
North America / Canada
Tel: +1 646 362 6814

Vanessa Brook
Global operations
UK / Europe
Tel: 01158 244 939

New York - Miami - London - Paris - LA
Headquarters: New York, NY 10004, USA